L-105 Golf Cart/ Marine Battery



Group: L-105 Golf Cart/Marine

Volts: 6

CCA: 230Ah

Positive Terminal Location:

Warranty: 2 year

Introducing the L-105 Battery, a deep-cycle, flooded lead-acid battery engineered to deliver dependable power consistently over an extended period. Renowned as one of the industry’s top performers, it’s widely employed in various applications such as golf carts, renewable energy systems, and RVs.

Built to endure heavy usage, the L-105 battery boasts exceptional longevity across diverse environments. Featuring a robust six-volt design with a capacity of 225 amp-hours, it can be seamlessly integrated into series or parallel configurations for increased voltage or amp-hour capacity. Its sturdy polypropylene case offers superior resistance to impact and corrosion, ensuring durability.

Designed for steady power delivery over prolonged durations, the L-105 battery stands out as a reliable choice for applications requiring a consistent flow of power, unlike starting batteries geared for engine ignition. Ideal for powering lights, appliances, and electronics in RVs or off-grid cabins, it ensures uninterrupted performance.

Backed by a reputable brand in the battery industry, the L-105 battery epitomizes reliability and performance. Trusted by professionals worldwide, it provides a cost-effective solution for a myriad of applications. With proper care and maintenance, the RDB L-105 battery offers years of dependable power, making it a worthwhile investment for those prioritizing reliability in their operations.

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