Group 31 Deep Cycle DC31-8 Marine Battery



Group: MARINE Group 31 – DC31-8

Volts: 12

CCA: 830

AH: 105

Positive Terminal Location: Right

Warranty: 18 Month

Introducing Reno Discount Batteries’ powerhouse for maritime adventures: the Deep Cycle DC31 Flooded 12V Battery is engineered for the rigors of marine life, it excels in user-friendly functionality and enduring reliability.

BUILT TO LAST • Designed for heavy-duty deep cycle applications, delivering ample power for trolling and electronic accessories. • Equipped with built-in safeguards against deep discharge damage. • Crafted with rugged, vibration-resistant construction for marine endurance. • Provides dependable power for modest starting requirements.

CONVENIENT CONNECTIONS • Features exclusive molded-in dual terminals for effortless connection to posts or corrosion-resistant stainless steel studs.

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE • Optimized full-frame plates for increased durability under extreme service conditions, ensuring maximum current transfer.

EXTENDED LIFESPAN • Incorporates advanced life-extending systems, including special separators that prevent electrical shorts and safeguard power-producing components.

UNRIVALED DURABILITY • Fortified current-carrying components resist vibration and maintain peak performance throughout the battery’s lifespan.

LONG-LASTING POWER • Boasts a heavier grid and reinforced, high-density plate design, capable of withstanding continual cycle service for prolonged accessory power.

SUPERIOR CYCLING PERFORMANCE • Features heavy-duty deep cycle construction with special fiberglass mats, enhancing deep cycling capability and ensuring long-term performance.

Reno Discount Batteries’ Deep Cycle DC31 Flooded 12V Battery: your ultimate companion for marine adventures, delivering unparalleled power and reliability on the open sea.

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