About Blems

“Blems” are new Batteries!

They are just scratch-and-dent batteries that have been sold to vendors like ourselves to resell at a discounted rate. But these ARE NOT USED OR REFERBISHED BATTERIES!

We do have a limited supply of these batteries but do try to keep the most popular car battery sizes in stock.  These Batteries are sold at $119 or $129 depending on size needed and offer a 18 month only warranty. Unlike our other brand new batteries, we stock, which come with a 3-year warranty.

We understand that sometimes budget is an issue with car repairs. Our BLEM program is a great solution for a tight budget.

Please fill out the form with the battery size you are looking for or your vehicle information and we will contact you with our Blem Stock availability.

Quality Products
Free Delivery in Reno Sparks Area*
WE NEVER CHARGE A core Charge!

How Our Delivery Program Works

*Our FREE delivery service is no additional fee during regular business hours, Monday-Friday between 9 am-5 pm.

After hours in the Reno-Sparks area, you will incur an additional delivery charge of $5 within the Reno-Sparks area and a $10 delivery fee for any delivery to the Carson City area. Tahoe delivery is only available on the Nevada side of Tahoe for a delivery fee of $20.

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